Steven Kilmann's memoir offers a transformative journey of addiction, trauma, and redemption, guiding readers to find solace and inspiration through art and personal growth.

Marketing Goals

Create a digital marketing platform, engage with at-risk populations through workshops, talks, and podcasts, and secure media appearances to promote I Got Your Back, U Got Mine.

Targeting Vision

Reach individuals struggling with addiction and trauma, those who have overcome adversity, and individuals seeking to transform personal experiences into art through Kilmann's raw and relatable memoir.

About Author

Steven Kilmann Author

Steven Kilmann, an accomplished athlete and former physician, overcame a life-altering accident that left him with severe injuries. He transitioned to becoming a writer, artist, and psychologist, using his experiences to inspire others on their journey of recovery and self-discovery.


Connect, be inspired, and find solace in Steven Kilmann’s transformative memoir.

Discover the power of resilience, redemption, and self-discovery through the captivating pages of “I Got Your Back, U Got Mine.”

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